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The craziest celebration of all must be the Hindu festival of Holi, a welcoming party for spring that begins on the last full moon of the lunar month Phalguna, regularly falling in February or March. Maybe it’s the feeling of renewal or the freedom that comes from the ritual casting off, thousands of people pour themselves into the trading of gifts to Jaipur streets for a crazy, joyful battle of rainbow-colored powders.
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‘Pink City’ (Jaipur) hosts the annual Jaipur Elephant Festival the day before Holi! And holds itself extraordinary as holding the longest running elephant parade in the nation, truly running for hundreds of years. The entirely festival is run in true Indian style and chaos and a touch of mayhem ruled the event.
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Holi is the most huge celebration time that we can think of for the simple reason the fun, energy and the spirit it brings to the people. Crowds of people gather together and light huge bonfires and throw colored water gulal and kumkum at each other which makes it lively. Singing, dancing on the Holi folk melodies like-

‘Rang mat dare re sawariya mharo gujar maare re, rang mat dare re’ and the traditional beats of dhol add to the gaiety of the occasion.
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Awesome energy can be seen in Jaipur individuals when they began hunting the diverse sites for Holi gifts before a month to deliver them to Jaipur friends and family, who are far from them. They are extremely enthusiastic about celebrating it by exchanging gifts with each other, especially for the kids in the friends and family, whom you’ll find filling water balloons from the night before. And giftsbymeeta.com has a classification of gifts like Pichkaris, gulaal, abeer, thandai, bhang, hot snacks which you can deliver in Jaipur with our instant delivery.
While sunbathing after you’ve played with color all morning, a few hours in the shower trying to wash it off (yet not completely), the dead sleep and binge eating that follows, all meet up to make Holi a somewhat insane ordeal. Giftsbymeeta.com concocts the scope of snacks and desserts like gujhiya, mathhi that you can send as online Holi gifts to Jaipur in a colorful packaging with an expedited delivery of 24 hours.

The festival signifies the victory of good over evil and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair ruptured relationships. Furthermore, we do have the special arrangement of Holi gifts to Jaipur like personalized gifts where you just need to settle your messages and pictures which you can easily buy and deliver it to your desired location in Jaipur online.
Shops and offices stay shut for the day and people get all the time to get crazy and whacky. Bright colors of gulal and abeer fill the air and people take turns in pouring color water over each other. Some families hold religious ceremonies, but for many Holi is more a time for fun than religious observance. They spent their evenings in searching of the great pieces of colorful Holi gifts, what they can buy for their friends and family lives in Jaipur.

After a thrilling and energizing day, individuals meet companions and relatives and trade desserts and happily welcome with one another. Likewise clicking pictures with a pose, big smile, and laugh to have the special memories later.

We are truly grateful that we had the opportunity to let you know about Holi in Jaipur to celebrate this major festival and have that bit of added insight into this culture with you guys (blog readers).
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Thanks for taking the time to peruse our Holi Festival post for Jaipur- We hope you enjoyed it! If you have a moment, comment it here and mention any friends who you think might also enjoy this beautiful Holi Festival.

Come and celebrate Holi online with giftsbymeeta.com! This year is on Mar 23, 2016!

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